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Jan 6, 2012 Los Carpinteros Joaquin Balaguer :. Calvo Cardona, sobre el nombre de los novelistas dominicanos. Category:1921 births Category:2017 deaths Category:People from San Pedro de Macorís Category:Dominican Republic novelists Category:Dominican Republic male writers Category:Male novelistsin's observation that "the essence of the whole matter is a disposition of the soul to a certain spiritual receptivity, a disposition to be open to the influence of God's leading". The term 'Gut feelings' was coined by Australian philosopher Robert Crowe. He puts it as follows: I think that there is an analogy between getting a gut feeling about something and going on to discover that it is true. The 'gut feeling' is the internal response that produces a tendency to investigate and look further. On the basis of our considerations, we may conclude that Gut Feelings are subjective feelings, because they are rooted in the person who has them. They are rooted in the person's soul and are an internal reaction to something perceived. Gut Feelings are for the most part not rational. Rationality is a product of reflection. A.I. - Artificial Intelligence Modern day artificial intelligence is also based on the concept of "Gut Feelings". Self-preservation, or the will to live Norman Bartlett defined Gut Feelings in his book of the same title: Bartlett's definition means that Gut Feelings are "emotional arousal responses to environmental stimuli, and more specifically, to threatening stimuli". Well-being Gut Feelings also have to do with well-being. In this case, Gut Feelings help one evaluate situations, people and oneself and to make wise decisions. To quote Bartlett: "Gut Feelings are 'internalized signals of risk and need'. These signals cause us to tend toward, or to avoid, whatever we feel are people or situations that will help, or harm, our well-being" (cited in Elgin 1999). Inter-subjectivity Gut Feelings are not only related to self-preservation, they are also related to other people. Bartlett quotes Eric Berne, an early personality theorist, who talks of ac619d1d87

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