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The Hainan Island Travel Guide - Hainan Travel Guide V2.0 GB, Windows, 2.6 MB. Magnet Link Pudong New Century (2011) (Trailer) - Chinese Crime, Action, Drama. Lawn Fawn (2019) - Community, Drama. All the apps in your iPad's App Store have an author - a name associated with the app. I thought this must be a mistake, but now I can see it has a purpose. An author can be anyone: a user, developer or business. These authors are listed on the details page of an app. The author's name appears in the app store app icon and you can click on this name to see the app's details. How to identify duplicate apps? Some apps are duplicates of other apps. There are many ways to find them. Gather developers' suggestions on sites such as Stack Overflow, Meta Stack Exchange, and Programmers. Check the developer's website. Sometimes developers duplicate apps and upload them as a new version of an old app. The developer needs to do this if you have the app's old version already installed on your iPad. For example, an app might have been developed as an iPhone app but then changed to iPad. If you're concerned about duplicate apps, some apps will email you when you install a duplicate. Check if the app is already installed. Tap App Store at the bottom of your iPad's home screen. Tap the Apps button, then scroll through the apps until you find the one you want. Find apps using keywords. Many apps contain duplicate apps. This is more likely to happen with apps that share a keyword. You can find these apps by searching using the keyword in the App Store. Find apps using the developers' websites. This happens if you have the app already installed on your iPad, but you want to know whether it's a duplicate. Visit the app's developer's website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Tap Apps. These apps are listed in alphabetical order. The Duplicate Finder icon next to each app indicates whether it is a duplicate. Find apps using Google. To find apps that are similar to one of your installed apps, go to the Google search box at the top of your iPad's home screen. Enter keywords for what you want. Your iPad will display suggested apps. Find apps on Facebook. Tap Search on Facebook in the top right corner of your iPad. Then tap Nearby ac619d1d87

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